Child killer banned from from having contact with minors

By | April 11, 2016

Convicted child killer Elizabeth Healy has recently been granted parole, and will not be allowed to have contact with anyone under the age of 16 from now on. 

In January 1997, Healy–then 29–was convicted of killing 17-month-old Shae Hammond in Christchurch. Healy has denied the claims.

She was also found guilty of injuring a two-year-old and poisoning another child with salt while babysitting.

According to Stuff, she was released in March 2013, but was put back in prison less than two years later after she allegedly failed to follow a safety plan while taking care of a neighbour’s child. She also allegedly consumed alcohol while the child was under her care.

This is the second time that Healy has been grated parole. She was released in March 2014, but was recalled after eight months. According to the Parole Board Convenor, her performance while on probation was “abysmal.”

The recent decision by the Parole Board has stated that she is now in a much stronger position, and that she worked hard on her release plan. She now reportedly understands the risks, and was able to do the required psychological treatment.

“Provided she adheres to her safety plan and the conditions which we will impose, we are satisfied that her risk of reoffending can be mitigated in the community to the point where it is no longer undue,” read the decision.

Andrea Keats, the mother of Shae Hammond, opposes the decision, saying she fears that Healy will reoffend. “I’m worried she’s going to do it again,” she said.

“An alcoholic keeps drinking alcohol until they admit they have got a problem,” Keats added.