Christchurch driver admits to sexually abusing schoolgirls

By | February 19, 2016

A Christchurch bus driver and school caretaker from Christchurch has admitted to sexually abusing young girls.

Robert Selwyn Burrett, 64, repeatedly raped and sexually violated girls as young as five years old, and some having
physical and mental disabilities. He recently admitted 21 charges.

Accoring to Stuff, Burrett installed curtains and put a lock in his shed, where he would molest the girls with an age range of five to 12 years old. The abuse reportedly included the following acts: “rape, sodomy, forced oral sex, indecent assaults, video-taping of the offending, and watching pornography.” According to the  High Court, these went on for years.

“Objectionable images and animations” that involved children were also reportedly found in Burrett’s computer.

According to Prosecutor Deirdre Elsmore, Burrett was employed as a caretaker from the beginning of 2013. From 2013 to 2015, he was a bus driver who transported special needs students from their houses to the school.

The report detailed that Burrett repeatedly took two girls (aged eight and nine) into his shed and committed the abuse. He reportedly raped one of them. In a separate occasion, Elsmore said that Burrett violated a girl aged five to seven and told ger not to tell anyone or else he would “smash her.”

Burrett would also sometimes record the indecent acts and then play it back for the girls.

Burrett was arrested last year and had been in custody since. His name was published, but the details of the charges were suppressed. The name of the school and bus operation remain suppressed, but the would reportedly be consideres again in the sentencing, set to happen in April.