Christchurch teen gets lifetime ban from owning animals

By | March 5, 2016

An 18-year-old from Christchurch was jailed for 15 months and has been given a lifetime ban from owning animals.

According to a report by Stuff, Logan Smoor did one of the worst acts of cruelty the Canterbury SPCA staff have seen.

Reports say that Smoor was tasked to take care of a puppy named Kia while his father was away. After the father returned, it was found that Kia was distressed and starving. She was then taken to the SPCA for evaluation.

It was then revealed that Kia had a total of 11 fractures on different parts of her body, including her head, legs, and jaw. She also did not have sight on her right eye. She needed to be put down for her suffering to end.

“It is terrible to think that Kia suffered such excruciating pain that even basic bodily functions such as eating, drinking and urination, would have been difficult to do and undoubtedly caused her further pain and distress,” said Animal welfare inspector Claire Ripper.

Aside from making Kia suffer, Smoor also admitted to court another act of animal cruelty: he killed his pet rat by slamming it into its cage. He was sentenced to two charges of ill-treating animals in the Christchurch district court on Friday.

He was also sentenced to four charges of assaulting a woman after he repeatedly slapped, punched, and burnt her with a lighter; and damaging a bus, after he broke its window because the driver had reportedly been speeding.

After a psychiatric report, it was revealed that Smoor had learning disability, poor relationship skills, and has aggressive behaviour towards others. Christchurch District Court Judge Jane Farish said that he will not be capable of living independently.

According to Christchurch Court News, Smoor, who is currently on bail, will be back in court on March 4. If the further investigations reveal that he has cognitive impairment, there may me bore psychiatric investigation.