Helen Clark applies for UN Secretary General position

By | April 15, 2016

Helen Clark has told United Nations officials why she should be the next Secretary General.

In an interview in New York, the 66-year-old former prime minister said that living in New Zealand, a culturally-diverse country, shapes what she has to offer to the organization.

“I have come from the outside of everything I have done, from a rural background to urban settings, as a woman breaking into a man’s world, which was politics in my country, as a woman becoming the first elected Prime Minister, the first woman appointed Administrator of the UNDP [UN Development Programme],” she said.

“My commitment to social justice at home and abroad led me to a 27 year parliamentary career which culminated in nine years as Prime Minister of New Zealand. Since then, I have been in New York these past seven years as Administrator of UNDP.”

Read Clark’s full statement here.

Clark’s interview has gained praise by government officials and celebrities alike.

“i am all in for my awe-inspiring fellow countrywoman helen clark – she’d make an incredible UN Secretary General #Helen4SG !!!!!,” tweeted musician Lorde.

The “the world’s toughest job interview,” which lasted for two hours, gathered nine candidates from all over the world.

“For the first time in this Organization’s 70-year history, the process for selecting and appointing the next Secretary-General is being genuinely guided by principles of transparency and inclusivity – and the dialogues that we are beginning today are at the very core of this change,” said General Assembly President Mogens Lykketoft.

Lykketoft said that this year’s selection process is “new and transparent.”

The candidate who will get the position will be replacing current Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, who will be stepping down after two five-year terms on January 1.