Jo Pert’s accused murderer facing 12 more charges

By | May 26, 2016

The man accused of murdering Remuera mother Jo Pert is facing a total of 12 further charges.

Tevita Mafi Filo, 24, has been charged with crimes that relate to other victimes and potential victims just hours before and after Pert’s death. The suppression of these charges were lifted by Justice Graham Lang at the High Court in Auckland today.

One News reported that in addition to the murder charge, Filo is now facing 12 more: three of burglary, two of indecent assault, one of possessing an offensive weapon, five of being unlawfully on a property and one of being found in a public place preparing to commit and offence.

The names of complainants and details of these charges have been suppressed.

Pert, a mother of two, was allegedly killed while she was doing her morning jog in Shore Rd, Remuera in January this year. Her body was found on the lawn of a property in Shore Rd. Filo handed himself over to the police hours after the attack.

It was later revealed that the father of Pert’s two children is Culum Manson, the director of construction business Mansons TCLM, one of the country’s biggest construction firms. They separated after the birth of their youngest daughter.

Filo, who has been under police custody since January 7, is set to reappear before the High Court at Auckland on August 25, 2016.