Kiwi trio wows The Voice judges in blind auditions

By | May 17, 2016

A group of kiwi singers have recently given a show stopping performance at the blind auditions for The Voice.

The Koi Boys entertainment group is made up of Nuz Ngatai, Kevin Keepa and Danny Faifai–the first ever trio to appear on The Voice Australia. According to reports, they have been singing as a group for almost a decade now.

They wowed the crowd and the judges with a performance of The Chords’ 1954 hit “Sh-Boom,” making judge the judges get up and dance. All of the judges–Ronan Keating, Jessie J, Delta Goodrem, brothers Joel and Benji Madden–turned their chairs in amazement.

Jessie J, who the trio chose to be their coach in the end, said that the trio’s performance was the vest vocal audition that they had for the night.

Meanwhile, another contestant who also wowed the judges and audience last night had a very important story to tell. 49-year-old Chrissy Ashcroft, a war veteran and PTSD sufferer, revealed her struggle to spending 13 years in Afghanistan.

She performed Cold Chisel’s “When the War is Over,” which she said symblolised her desicion to move on.

“This morning, getting myself here to this stage of sitting with you, it’s been a hard road,” Ashcroft said “So many times I’ve said, ‘I can’t do this.’ I struggle every day.”

Ashcroft has been in the military for 13 years. She was deployed to Afghanistan in 2009, but was forced to return home after suffering what she described as both physical and mental injuries.

Ashcroft was deployed to Afghanistan in 2009, but needed to return home to Australia because of physical and mental injuries. After she returned home, she was diagnosed with PTSD.”I saw things that I can’t unsee,” she explained.

“I have triggers, like if I hear a car backfire I used to just hit the deck and go onto my stomach no matter where I was, which was quite strange in the middle of Sydney.”

Goodrem turned her chair for Ashroft, who is now part of Team Delta.