Man dies while in police custody in Te Puke

By | August 5, 2015

Investigations are now being conducted after a man died while in the hands of police earlier today.

The incident happened at a property in Te Puke, east of Tauranga at around 8:45am. Police were searching the house of a man in his 50s.

According to Stuff, police found a firearm in the property and arrested the man. He was placed in handcuffs by officers while they were searching. Shortly fter being handcuffed, the man reportedly collapsed.

Bay of Plenty police spokeswoman Kim Perks said that the man appeared “verbally agitated” but had no physical struggle. Police said that it was an “apparently medical” event, and the handcuffs were immediately removed as staff performed CPR.

An ambulance was called, but the man already died before it arrived.

Inspector Clifford Paxton said that there will be an investigation in behalf of the coroner in relation to the man’s death. “As a matter of procedure in these cases an Independent Police Conduct Authority investigation has also been initiated.”

“Police are in contact with the man’s family and will continue to liaise with them to ensure they receive the necessary support and are kept informed,” he added.

No further details will be given until the man is formally identified. His family will also need to be notified first.

A post-mortem will also be carried out.