Man who kept daughter as sex slave to be released from prison

By | March 3, 2016

A man who raped his daughter and made her a sex slave will soon be released from prison, despite a “medium-high risk” of reoffending.

Ronald van der Plaat, one of New Zealand’s worst sex offenders, was jailed in 2001 for committing sexual crimes against his daughter Tanjas Darke, which the judge referred to as “indescribable cruelty.”

According to a report by Stuff, van der Plaat, who is now 82 years old, abused Darke by “hanging her from the ceiling by her ankles before abusing her, making her pregnant with a baby she later miscarried, and raping her after giving her overdoses of drugs and alcohol.”

The Parole Board revealed that van der Plaat’s latest psychological assessment put his risk of reoffending as “medium high.” He also scored above average on traits like lack of remorse and deceitfulness.

Last month, van der Plaat appeared before the Parole Board to set final release conditions before his release. The New Zealand Herald reported that a geriatrician assessment says that he is suffering mild cognitive impairment.

Darke, who waived her name suppression, wrote about what she went through in an autobiogrphy “Flight of the Dancing Bird.” Her story was also told in the TV documentary To Hell and Back.

Once released, van der Plaat will have to abide by the following conditions: he will be tracked by a GPS monitor, he can’t leave his house between 10pm and 6am, and he will not be allowed to have contact with anyone under 15 unless supervised by an adult who knows of his criminal history.

He will also not be allowed to contact his daughter unless he gets written consent of his probation officer.

VanDer Plaat continues to deny all the allegations against him. His statutory release date is May 11, 2016.