Massey High School students protest against new school uniform

By | February 22, 2016

Students from Massey High School have recently launched an online petition that calls for a change in the school’s new dress code.

The petition, which was posted on, calls the the school’s board of trustees to let thge students wear a summer uniform.

The current dress code, which was just implemented this 2016, for the students requires them to wear ties and blazers all year round. No student is allowed to wear shorts or knee-high skirts.

The petition says that while the new Massey uniform is “sharp,” it is “not suitable for Auckland’s humid, hot summer.”

It added: “Lots of studies show students learn best when they are physically comfortable. Sweating profusely, or just plain distracted by the heat — these things stop us achieving our educational potential.”

It added that a other public schools, such as the Auckland Grammar School, have a summer uniform. “Why can’t we?” it asked.

The petition is being supported by students and parents alike. As of posting time, 979 people have already signed it.

One parent said: “The new Massey High School uniform is totally inappropriate for summer! I want to see a summer uniform option available for both males and females. The blazer should only be compulsory in the winter time!”

“I have to wear this uniform and whenever I walk to school I sweat profusely. Having to spray deodorant when I reach Massey High,” said a student. “I also feel that some students may suffer from the heat in classes with this uniform in summer. Making it harder for students to perform and think at their peak.”