Price of avocados at an all-time high

By | May 12, 2016

The price of avocados have increased 139 per cent over the past year, reports say.

The latest Statistics New Zealand food price figures show that in April, the price of avocados per kilogram was $18.26. A year earlier, it was only $7.65. They’re at their highest level since 2005.

A report by The Herald said that the prices of food in the country rose in April from March–Kiwis spent more money on vegetable while enjoying lower prices for chicken and beef. Fruit prices rose 1.1 percent

According to chief executive of NZ Avocado Jen Scoular, the demand for avocados has increased after people learned about its health benefits and versatility.

Another reason behind the price hike is believed to be the current trendiness of the fruit–there has been a rise of the number of people promoting it on social media.

“They are called the opera of Instagram,” Scoular said.

Another fruit has also increased in price the past year. The average price of tomatoes has reportedly increased 39 per cent, from $4.81.kilo to $6.70/kilo.

There’s still some good news despite the increase, however, grocery prices have decreased 1.7 per cent since 2015, which means that there will be savings when buying milk, yogurt, meat, poultry, and fish prices.