Service station attendant brutally attacked in Levin

By | August 11, 2015

Police have arrested the man who brutally attacked a service station attendant in Levin in a Horowhenua town on Sunday.

The incident happened at the Levin Mobil Service Station on Oxford street at around 4:30am. The attacker stabbed the male store attendant in the head, face, and arm with a knife; and stole money and some cigarettes.

“At about 4:30am, a masked person entered the service station and stabbed the male attendant with what is believed to be a knife, at least three times to his head, face, and arm,” said the press release.

“We are providing support to the victim who has been left shaken from this vicious and callous attack,” said Detective Mike Deegan.

Police found the man at a Levin property at around 1am on Tuesday. He has been identified as a 21-year-old male, and has been charged with aggravated robbery and wounding. He will appear in Levin District Court today.

Police said that the scene examination has already been completed this morning.

“Police want to thank the public and media who helped greatly with our appeal for information,” said  Detective Mike Deegan. “We are very grateful for the assistance which has led to this swift arrest.”

The victim, who was not identified, is currently stable and is being treated at Palmerston North Hospital. Reports say that she suffered non-life threatening injuries.