Staff Christmas party ideas for 2015

By | August 6, 2015


Office Christmas parties typically inspire a mixture of excitement and dread. Employees don’t want to feel like they’re still on the clock in their off-hours, but socialising with co-workers in a different setting can inject new life into the office atmosphere. Improve the anticipation-to-fear ratio this year with our 2015 staff Christmas party ideas.

Bowl Them Over

When it comes to planning a holiday party, getting out of the office can make all the difference. You don’t have to spend a fortune to create a memorable bash, though. Bowling alleys are a fun alternative to fancy hotels and other expensive office Christmas party options. With some facilities offering laser tag, miniature golf, gourmet food and other exciting features, your employees and their guests will have plenty to do. Staff members will be likelier to attend if they can bring their children, making this a family-friendly party possibility. You’ll also be able to hold the party during the day, leaving workers’ evenings free for other holiday parties and decreasing the likelihood that they’ll drink alcohol to excess.

All Aboard!

If you’re located near a large body of water, your employees can enjoy a traditional or themed day or evening cruise. Whether you hire a band, comedians or other performers, everyone will love the novelty of partying on the water. Catered buffets ensure a people-pleasing variety of goodies, and an open or cash bar ensures a festive atmosphere on board. If you don’t want to get on a boat,  waterfront Christmas party venues provide a unique and special outlook which sets the vibe for the occasion.

Paint it Red and Green

Paintball is a popular option for companies employing a mostly young workforce, but older staff members can get in on the fun too. Many facilities offer a variety of packages at varying rates, making this a relatively budget-friendly option. Another bonus for those concerned about serving alcohol is that adult beverages won’t be expected on this type of outing. It’s also less time-consuming than some activities, leaving more free time in staff members’ weekend schedules. They’ll love you even more if you hold your 2015 staff Christmas party during work hours, and you’ll help build morale and encourage a team mentality with this fun activity.

On-Site? Out of Sight!

If your holiday budget doesn’t allow for off-site activities or you’re concerned about the possibility that guests won’t want to attend a party held elsewhere, rest assured you can still host a holiday celebration that everyone will love. Whether you hire someone to decorate or use a DIY approach, make your workplace look so festive they’ll almost forget they’re at work. Potlucks put too much of the burden on employees with tight schedules and busy lives. Supply a catered meal or bring in a variety of holiday goodies, and hire a bartender if you’re so inclined. If you organize a gift exchange, place a limit on spending so no one feels obligated to overdo it at this expensive time of year. Finally, plan games with inexpensive prizes for everyone — the less embarrassing, the better. No one wants to be the person everyone remembers as the butt of the joke at the 2015 office Christmas party.