The last red-roofed Pizza Hut in West Auckland delays closing

By | February 24, 2016

A Pizza Hut Branch in Lynn, West Auckland has announced that they will be extending their operations before they formally close their doors.

The branch, which will be soon demolished and replaces with a takeaway and delivery store outside LynnMall, will close after 41 years of operation. This was the first ever Pizza Hut Branch, with its iconic red roof, to open in New Zealand.

“The store was originally due to close on February 28, but the date for demolition has been pushed back a month to allow for the huge influx of patrons wanting to experience dining at the red-roofed legacy,” a spokeswoman told reporters.

According to a report by Stuff, Pizza Hut has been moving towards being a takeaway and delivery service to compete with the current market.

“We made a decision in 1998 to rationalise our dine in restaurant business and start investing in takeaway and delivery style stores, which was aligned to the trends we were seeing amongst our customers,” said a spokeswoman from Restaurant Brands, which has operated the business since 1997.

“We see this as an evolution of Pizza Hut within a changing market. While we continue serving Pizza Hut’s great tasting pizza as we did back in 1974, we also offer new and innovative pizza flavours to our customers, and in a way that’s convenient for them.”

Since the announcement of closure, a lot of customers have started flocking the branch. Some have actually experienced very busy days and have warned fellow customers.

“To all who thought they would try to re-live the nostalgia of dine-in Pizza Hut by going to the last remaining one before it closes down, I can tell you right now – don’t even bother,” said customer Jared Veale.

“We tried to go last night and were greeted by about 10 or 12 people battling over three pizzas and one lady complaining that she wanted a refund.”

The red-roofed branch will operate until March 20, 2016.