Woman returns book to Auckland library after 67 years

By | April 30, 2016

A woman who borrowed a book from an Auckland Library has recently returned a book 67 years late.

When the woman was a young girl in 1948, she borrowed Myths and Legends of Maoriland by Alexander Wyclif Reed (AW Reed) from the Auckland’s Epsom library. She returned it to 67 years after–24,605 days past the due date.

If the late fees were applied, the woman would have to pay NZ$24,605. Lucky for her, children are not charged for late fines, so she won’t need to pay.

“She told me she had checked out the book as a child and been meaning to return it for years,” said librarian Zoe Cornelius.

“She seemed a bit embarrassed but I was pleased because she said she had read and enjoyed the book many times over the decades and that made me happy – that the book had been in a good home and loved.”

The woman said that she read the book a number of times over the years.

According to Ms Cornelius, she was glad that the book was being loved. “It probably won’t go back on the ordinary shelves, it’s an old bound book and it’s had a long life – we might see if it’s worth putting into our protected collection, but time will tell,” she added.

In a Facebook post, the Epsom library librarian said that the woman moved out of Auckland as a child, and “accidentally took a library book with her.”

“It’s a fair few years overdue but in excellent well-read condition,” the post added.

The book will now be included in the library’s special collections.